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Lightning: The KDE Telemetry Policy

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At Akademy one year ago KUserFeedback was presented, and the following discussion for appropriate usage of telemetry resulted in a proposal for a telemetry policy. This talk will present the key points of this proposal, hoping to help finding consensus to put this into effect.

The current policy draft at focuses on transparency on what data is gathered, control of what data is submitted, assurance that the collected data does not contain private or identifying information, the limitation to purpose-bound and minimal telemetry data, as well as a compliance process.

While there seems to be wide consensus on those principals, there are still details that need agreement before this can be put into affect, such as how to proceed with applications that have already been using telemetry before in a way not compliant with the proposed policy.


Day: 2018-08-12
Start time: 11:20
Duration: 00:05
Room: EI7
Track: Fast Track & Lightning




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