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Presentation: First Kontact ?

An enterprise user experience with KDE Mail

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Having been a KDE user almost from the start, over the years I have learnt lots of troubleshooting, hacking and optimizing settings in Kmail, Kontact, KDE and Akonadi. And I would like to share and learn more :-)

I am using Kontact on a daily basis, in an environment with lots of E-Mails and Gigabytes of data and e.g. a variety of calendars. Three mail accounts, three different IMAP-Servers, five+ desktops to take care of, archiving, filtering, calendaring, using Kontact keyboard-only (almost), in mailing lists, searching, per-folder settings, import/export of data,

I want to share my insights and get a discussion going - hopefully with the audience - that this presentation might spark with the goal of making Kontact(Kde-PIM) better. There's no other working Enterprise level Mail/Groupware Client for Linux with so many great features.

I learnt a lot about debugging Kontact and Kmail for my needs, and even fixing with some akonaditools. I would love to present my findings and I hope to get a discussion going - with some developers? - how to:
- use
- troubleshoot
- quick setup
- copy
- revert/purge

Akonadi directories, Kontact, KDE and Kmail settings and files. Akonadictl, Akonadiconsole, Baloo, ...


Day: 2018-08-11
Start time: 15:00
Duration: 00:25
Room: EI8
Track: Development



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