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Fast Track: Python & QML

bringing the best of both worlds together

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The declarative language of QML makes it easy to design aesthetically looking user interfaces - including animations, and encourages reusability of components.

Now, when you have your beautiful and elegant UI you start developing your backend. So should you forget everything you learned about highly readable code and dynamic interconnections because you are constrained by C++?
No, I will show you how to bridge QML with Python, to get the best of both worlds.

My practical example is a "Smart Mirror", made entirely with QML and PyQt. This features a weather service plugin in Python, which makes use of Asynchronous I/O and coroutines. And integration with a smart home system in just a few lines of code. And then there's face recognition, Google Assistant and Slack also available.... - with more modules just a few lines of code away. You can look at all of the open source examples for yourself.

Will especially be relevant with the official Python bindings coming to Qt (

I'll also suggest Python integration in the Plasma desktop - so plasmoids backends can be written in Python as well (and the whole mirror could just be another Plasma shell).


Day: 2018-08-12
Start time: 11:25
Duration: 00:10
Room: EI7
Track: Fast Track & Lightning




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