Version 1.2

: Shashlik

Android Applications on Real Linux


Get an introduction to the technical platform which makes up the Android application launcher Shashlik, and a short description of the how and the why. And, of course, a demo of it, and information on how you can get it yourself and run Android applications on your own system.

Android is, it is generally accepted, a Linux system. Except it is not what most of us recognise as Linux. Yes, it does use the kernel, but the levels above that are very different to what we would recognise. Consequently, running an application built for Android on a more standard type linux, such as those distributed by for example openSUSE, Kubuntu or Netrunner, is not a straight forward proposition, and tends to involve either some proprietary, closed source solution, or a virtual machine, inside which you run Android.

Enter Shashlik, a collection of Android systems and frameworks as minimal as possible, built to run on a standard, modern linux system, using as much of the standard system as possible, and created to be Free/Libre from its inception. Shashlik is built to integrate into your existing system, whether it be a desktop, laptop, tablet or even a plasma based phone or television,

While it is, as with such things, never completed, this presentation marks the first public release that you can grab yourself and play with, and you will see applications running through Shashlik on an entirely normal Plasma desktop.


Day: 2015-07-26
Start time: 11:20
Duration: 00:30
Track: Main Talk (30min)




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