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: I have visions, should I go see a doctor?

How to bring clarity and focus to your design and development activities


Come find out about how putting together a project vision, personas, scenarios and user stories can help to give the design and development of a product a clear direction.

"I feel like I could take over the world!" is a vision that one may expect to hear from a mad man - or tentacle - but sadly it is also how some organizations define the vision for their project or product. While this may spur one to work hard to fulfill the vision, it is hardly useful for guiding actual product design or development. Everyone ultimately wants to rule the world, don't they?

What we'd like to talk about are visions that _can_ serve as guidance. Visions from which one can derive a target persona representing the target audience, as well as user scenarios to define when, where, how and for what purpose the target persona should be able to use the product. From these, then, one can derive user stories for the product's specific features.
This set of guiding elements - vision, persona, scenario and story - help to give the design and development of a product a clear direction, and can assure that it contains all - and only - the features that are useful for the purpose it was made for.
The VDG has set out to define vision, persona(s), scenarios and user stories for all products we do major design work for. We will talk about how that has worked for us so far and how any project can benefit from defining them for their products.


Day: 2015-07-26
Start time: 10:45
Duration: 00:30
Track: Main Talk (30min)




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