Version 1.2

: The road to a next iteration of Akonadi


The next iteration of Akonadi is underway!

This talk will introduce the reasons for and ideas behind the next iteration of Akonadi that is currently being worked on. We will look at concepts that have been kept, new concepts that have been introduced and the reasons behind it. This will be a technical talk primarily aimed at developers in touch with Akonadi. It should contain interesting information for all developers though and hint at potential user visible improvements as well.

Based on the lessons learned from working with and improving current Akonadi, work has started on the next iteration of Akonadi. With that work we want to create a leaner, easier to evolve system that addresses performance problems, but first and foremost the complexity faced by developers. Of course it should also pave the way for features yet to come. The new design will support more advanced queries to compensate for the loss of Nepomuk, introduce an abstraction layer of the storage from applications, and give Akonadi-Resources much more freedom and control to optimize for their specific usecase. This in turn allows applications and resources to be a lot more efficient without increasing complexity.

To reduce complexity while keeping the architecture flexible, the architecture has been overhauled. The new design parts with the central server process and database, shifting work directly into the client process, only sharing a per-resource no-sql database with each resource.

Inspired by various other projects a reactive approach is used to access the data to further reduce complexity in the client applications, which was introduced by the asynchronous nature of data access.

While the talk will come with some code examples we will be mostly looking at the architectural side of things.


Day: 2015-07-25
Start time: 12:20
Duration: 00:30
Track: Main Talk (30min)




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