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: Interactive Tours in Marble

Take a virtual tour of the world using your favourite virtual globe


Tours in Marble are a set of related places with supporting media, by which you can take a virtual tour of the world, and are visited in a defined timeline, which can be played back, and are useful for a range of tasks, like highlighting places of interest for sightseeing, or taking a trip of the highest skyscrapers of the world. My talk will be on the "Interactive tours" feature in Marble, and how to use, edit, create, view and record it.

Touring is a concept in virtual globes by which the user is able to take a virtual trip around places across the globe, where the camera viewpoint flies from location to location, maybe waiting at some points, or playing a background music or an event sound at some time durations, also while making smooth changes in the balloon style or color in the tour along the way. The use cases can be very dynamic.
My talk is mainly going to focus on almost everything that can be done using the "Interactive Tours" feature in Marble, in as little time as possible. This includes:
1. Describing "items" that make up a kml tour, namely, FlyTo, Wait, SoundCue, TourControl, and AnimatedUpdate items.
2. Introducing the Tour Widget, where all the actions take place, the playlist where new items can be added, deleted, or edited in-place.
3. The Tour-playback, and also how we can drag the progress-bar to fast-forward the playback and vice-versa.
4. How one can view a route as a tour using the "View route as tour" feature of Marble.
5. How one can create a video file of a tour, in different video formats, in the background, without having to record it in the usual way of playing the tour and then using the "Record Movie" option.

Each of the above 5 points should be covered in roughly 2 minutes time, and hence I can finish my talk in roughly 10 minutes


Day: 2015-07-26
Start time: 17:50
Duration: 00:10
Track: Fast Track (10min)




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