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Humans of KDE


The talk shall emphasize on the community motivations and what inspires a set of diverse people to use and contribute to KDE. We shall be focusing on this by citing instances from some of the most inspiring stories of contributions from people and their commitment towards KDE and how KDE changed their lives. By gaining an insight into the bond between the KDE community and the members as individuals and how they connect on an individual level, we shall talk of how to sustain this by collective community efforts and how to engage and motivate more people to contribute.

This talk emphasizes on the essences of the KDE Community and the primary community principles that bind KDE people together. We talk of how such a diverse set of people identify themselves with KDE, and find a sense of belonging to people they haven’t even seen or met before in their lives. The talk shall be dealing with the stories and a few video snippets from Users, Developers, Documentation Team, Maintenance People, Promo Team, Student Participants and shall observe and exhibit the common threads of their motivations and leanings behind becoming a part of KDE and why it means so much to them. The talk aims at bringing out a few of the most inspiring stories of individuals who’ve almost devoted an entirety of their lifetime to KDE and to let this be an epitome for all the people present at Akademy of the passion and commitment to the KDE community. The talk shall conclude in drawing out a few very important commonalities and integrating elements which inspire people to use and contribute to KDE and we shall talk of mechanisms via which these key “strength points” and “redeeming traits” of the KDE community can be advanced even further by ensuring we reinforce and strengthen them via numerous activities which help their spread.


Day: 2015-07-25
Start time: 12:55
Duration: 00:30
Track: Main Talk (30min)




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