Version 1.2

: GCompris behind the scene


GCompris came to KDE one year ago with the promise to reborn itself as a Qt Quick application. Why did we made a so radical choice, and what are our success and failures so far.

Doing a multi-platform application that spans all major desktops and mobiles operating systems is cumbersome even with the help of Qt Quick. We will see the major difficulties we are facing.

Beside the technical aspect, we already have an official release on Android and we will share some numbers on how GCompris performs on this platform.

At last, we will give some explanation and some figures about the commercial effort behind GCompris that started more than 10 years ago and continues with the Android version.


Day: 2015-07-25
Start time: 16:25
Duration: 00:30
Track: Main Talk (30min)




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