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: Qt Quick Controls Reloaded

Lessons from making Qt Quick Controls Perform on Embedded


An update about Qt Quick Controls and the recent research by The Qt Company how to improve their performance.
After taking a step back and profiling the existing controls and some experiments on the mobile platforms, we decided to implement a new set of controls targeting especially embedded platforms. This talk will tell the story of the new set of controls.

Qt Quick Controls have become and important part of the Qt Quick and QML world. They work nicely and are used widely, also in Plasma Next.
The Qt Company had to research performance improvements for users on low-end hardware. While this doesn't directly impact KDE, many performance improvements can be applied to the desktop as well.
This talk will touch on the complexity of the controls we have, loaders, input handling and the interface between QML/Quick/JavaScript and C++.
It will highlight the performance difference between different ways of implementing the controls in various ways.


Day: 2015-07-25
Start time: 15:50
Duration: 00:30
Track: Main Talk (30min)




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