Version 1.2

: KDE Frameworks in action: usage in commercial applications


In this presentation, David will explain how some of the KDE Frameworks have been integrated for commercial customers, in order to provide additional features on top of Qt.

The main example will be the usage of KIO in embedded applications which need to be able to transfer files across the network to samba or webdav shares.

After the last 4 years of effort in making kdelibs much more modular, it is now possible to use KIO with very few dependencies. The talk will show how some of the dependencies were removed even further and will discuss future steps that could be done to make this even easier.

The core/gui separation is also an important aspect, so that such users of KIO can customize the user interface for better integration into their own GUI; a standard KDE dialog would look rather out of place on an embedded device. KIO already offers a lot of possibilities for customizing the GUI, further possible improvements will be discussed.


Day: 2015-07-25
Start time: 12:55
Duration: 00:30
Track: Main Talk (30min)




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