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Speaker: Sandro Andrade


Sandro Andrade is a professor at Federal Institute of Education, Science, and Technology of Bahia (IFBA) - Brazil. He's been involved in projects with C++ since 1996 and has nearly 16 years of experience with Qt development. Since 2008, Sandro has been doing contributions in coding, promotion, and community management for KDE. Sandro is currently of the members of KDE e.V. Board of Directors.

Sandro Andrade holds a bachelor degree in Computer Science (1999), Master in Mechatronics (2006), and Ph.D. in Computer Science (2014) from Federal University of Bahia (Brazil). Since his early days as a junior researcher in 1996, C++ development was a field he had already decided to deep investigate.

As a undergraduate student, he developed effective Computer Graphics mechanisms for visualizing large medical datasets in C++. During his master project, he designed and implemented a interoperable framework for industrial data acquisition and supervisory control, using CORBA3 (ACE ORB, TAO, and CIAO) and Qt3 technologies. His Ph.D. research investigated the use of multi-objective optimization techniques to automate the design of architectures for self-adaptive software systems. Two of the by-products of such a research are the QtModeling - a Qt5 add-on module providing a number of features for metamodeling activities and use of software models - and DuSE-MT - an extensible framework and tool, built upon Qt5 and QtModeling. DuSE-MT got the 'Best Demo Award' in the 25th International Conference on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering (Boston - 2013) . His Ph.D.'s results also got the '2nd Best Paper Award' in the 28th Brazilian Software Engineering Symposium (Brazil - 2014).

Although Sandro was developing with Qt and KDE since 2000, it was only in 2008 that he actually joined the KDE community. He was as a Google Summer of Code student in 2009, working in KDevelop. He attended the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit (2009), Gluon Sprint and Qt Dev Days (Munich - 2009), Akademy 2010 (Tampere), and Tokamak 4 (Nuremberg - 2010). Since 2009, Sandro has been trying to leverage the Brazilian and Latin-American participation in KDE by presenting KDE-related talks in meetings such FISL and Latinoware, and also creating events such as Akademy-BR (Brazilian KDE Contributors Summit) and LaKademy (Latin-America KDE Contributors Summit). He was also a member of KDE Marketing Working Group. After six long years dedicated to his Ph.D. research, Sandro is now excited to return to KDE hacking. Sandro is currently of the members of KDE e.V. Board of Directors.