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Presentation: GCompris in Kerala, part 2


In the state of India called Kerala, all public schools have been using Free-Software for more than 10 years, and GCompris is part of the curriculum. We have been working recently to complete the translation of the new version of GCompris in Malayalam, the official language of this state. This should allow to replace the old Gtk+ version that was still in use there.

In this talk we will give some background about Free-Software history in Kerala and how GCompris is used in schools.
We will present the work done to localize the application, and future plans to add more ways to adapt activities for different cultures using localized datasets.

We will also talk about the recent news of the project, and the works in progress.


Day: 2019-09-08
Start time: 13:25
Duration: 00:30
Room: U4-01
Track: Community


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