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Presentation: Get Hot New Stuff Quick(ly)

or Modernising the KNewStuff Framework

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Get an introduction to the Qt Quick based KNewStuff components, the context of why they exist, and find out how you can use them in your own applications.

We have come to expect the ability to download new shinies with little or no trouble in the software KDE produces, all thanks to the Attica and KNewStuff frameworks. These have served us well, and still do. But, while the functionality is solid, the user interface, and indeed experience, have started to feel decidedly dated.

Over the last few years, work has been undertaken to first split the dependency by the user interface on Qt's widgets, and now to implement a new, more modern user interface using Qt Quick and Kirigami. In this presentation you will first get a short rundown of some of the history. The majority will be an introduction to the new KNewStuff Qt Quick Components, some new abilities they add to the framework, and you will learn a variety of ways in which you can use them in your own software.


Day: 2019-09-08
Start time: 15:45
Duration: 00:30
Room: U4-08
Track: Distros



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