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Presentation: Look! It's LibreOffice on KDE Plasma

A journey to a better LibreOffice <-> KDE integration

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This talk introduces LibreOffice's new Qt5-based KDE frontend because at the end of the day, the best free and open-source office suite deservers to be well-integrated into the best free and open-source desktop environment :)

Integrating something as complex as an office suite into a desktop environment is certainly a daunting task. When it comes to LibreOffice, its integration into KDE has been a thing since KDE 3 but being based on legacy technologies, it was no longer a viable solution for KF5.

So we started over from scratch and implemented a new integration layer featuring Qt5 native widget styles, native Qt5 menus, integrated Plasma 5 file picker, clipboard and drag'n'drop support and as a bonus, Qt5-based a11y. It was featured in LibreOffice 6.2 (released in February 2019) for the first time, with Haiku being the first OS to adopt it. Majority of Linux distributions soon followed.

Ultimately, it was less about Qt5, xcb, Wayland, cairo or any other technology or programming language but more about people who use, test, develop and collaborate across the project boundaries to get things they are passionate about done.


Day: 2019-09-08
Start time: 13:25
Duration: 00:30
Room: U4-08
Track: Applications


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