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Fast Track: How do I know if I'm making a difference in building an Open Source Community?

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There are plenty of metrics that are available to measure the health of open source communities. When assessing your contribution to the community, it's important to go beyond quantifiable metrics and also look at areas such as building a sense of community, addressing members' (often intrinsic) motivation, fostering a diverse community, etc.

In this session, there will be a discussion on both quantifiable and non-quantifiable contributions to open source community health. There will also be a discussion on revisiting community goals as the community evolves over time.

Anyone interested in fostering & sustaining an open source community will be interested in this session. Beyond community managers, everyone including developers, translators, users, writers, etc. needs to have an interest in community health.


Day: 2019-09-07
Start time: 16:00
Duration: 00:15
Room: U4-01
Track: Community


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