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Speaker: Aniketh Girish


I’m currently pursuing a B.Tech in Computer Science at Amrita School of Engineering, Amritapuri, Kerala, India. Being a meticulous learner and a determined mind, I always wish to explore different areas of computer science.

I started contributing to KDE in September 2016. I worked on the project Kstars as part of KDE SoK 2016-17. I was selected as a Google Summer of Code intern 2017 in my first year. My project was under Krita, which was aimed at improving the user capability via integrating with, a website used by designers to host their work using Libraries of the Open Source Organisation, KDE. The project helped to have a hassle-less method of transfer of data between the application and servers directly, making the life of people who depended on open source elements via KDE and through Krita way easier.Moreover, I have contributed to other projects of KDE to help make it better. I have given talks on few occasions like KDE India Conference 2017 edition.

Further, for Google Code-In 2018, I helped to serve as an org admin for the event.

I do code in multiple languages such as C/C++, Qt, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Apart from that, I like to build web applications as well. I also write for Open Source magazines according to my free time apart from other things, targeting open source enthusiast.