18-25 June 2021
UTC timezone

Wayland for Qt application developers

19 Jun 2021, 19:40
Talk Track 2


David Edmundson (KDE)


When talking about Wayland a lot of focus is put on the compositor and the shell.

For 40 minutes we will completely ban uttering the terms Kwin or Plasma and focus purely on the application side.

This talk explores what wayland means for Qt application developers. Why should developer need to care? what do they need to care about?

This talk explores some common traps and pitfalls we've seen in client applications, and how to debug and fix remaining issues and how to address any porting that may be needed.

We also look into KDE's existing contributions to QtWayland's client QPA and how you can get involved.

Authors' Bio

David Edmundson is a long term KDE contributor helping the transition to wayland.

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