Jul 15 – 21, 2023
University of Macedonia (UoM)
Europe/Athens timezone

KRunner: Past, Present, and Future - Porting, New Features, and Plugin Distribution

Jul 15, 2023, 5:55 PM
room 1

room 1

Conference Talk Apps and Plasma


Alexander Lohnau (Member of EV, KDE developer)


KRunner is an essential part of Plasma, providing a fast way to access applications, files, and utilities on both desktop and mobile. In this talk, we will explore the evolution of KRunner and focus on the present state as well as future plans.
Three years ago, an Akademy BOF was held to discuss KRunner and specifically DBus runners. Since then, KF6 refactorings and cleanups have significantly affected the API, resulting in important changes and new features. In this talk, we will summarize these changes and explore how to port and improve existing runners.

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Alexander has been a member of KDE since early 2020 and has been maintaining KRunner since October 2020. He has contributed to various KDE frameworks projects and is passionate about open-source software.

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Alexander Lohnau (Member of EV, KDE developer)

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