Jul 15 – 21, 2023
University of Macedonia (UoM)
Europe/Athens timezone

What has qmllint ever done for us?

Jul 16, 2023, 4:40 PM
room 1

room 1

Lightning Talk Frameworks and Toolkits


Mr Fabian Kosmale


qmllint started its life as small command line utility checking whether QML files are syntactically valid. However, it has evolved to to be much more. This talk will tell you about the various checks it can do nowadays, how to integrate into CI pipelines, mention perquisites to make the most out of it and tease its upcoming plugin API – all in 5 minutes! Curious and inspired minds are then invited to join a BoF session about improving qmllint later during Akademy.


Fabian is the manager of the QML team at the Qt Company, and the current maintainer of Qt's moc. He's also a KDE developer since ~2013, and still tries to contribute some patches every once in a while.


  • Audience: As a lightning talk, this talk will be light on technical details, but it's still mainly of interest for developers. Given the prevalence of QML in KDE it might still however be of general interest
  • Alignment with KDE's current goals: A linter should hopefully fit well with the "Automate And Systematize Internal Processes", especially when run as part of a CI pipeline
  • Further notes: Besides spreading the word about qmllint, this talk is also meant as an advertisement for a BoF session to collect more things that qmllint can do – including KDE specific checks.

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