Jul 15 – 21, 2023
University of Macedonia (UoM)
Europe/Athens timezone

Keynote: Libre Space Foundation - Empowering Open-Source Space Technologies

Jul 15, 2023, 10:00 AM
room 1

room 1

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Mr Eleftherios Kosmas (Libre Space Foundation)


The space industry is evolving rapidly, with open-source solutions playing an increasingly vital role. The Libre Space Foundation (LSF) champions this movement by developing open-source space technologies that make space exploration more accessible for everyone. In this talk, we'll introduce the Libre Space Foundation and discuss the relevance of free software in the space sector.

Key points to be covered:

  • Introduction to Libre Space Foundation: A brief overview of LSF's, history, goals, vision, and its commitment to open-source space technologies.
  • The value of free software in space: The role of free software in promoting innovation, collaboration, and accessibility in the space industry.
  • Challenges and opportunities: A look at some of the unique challenges LSF encounters and the ways the free software community can help address them.
  • LSF and other free software projects: Commonalities and differences between LSF and other free software initiatives.
  • Insights for KDE from LSF: What the KDE community can learn from LSF's experiences and how collaboration can be fostered between communities.
  • Stories and lessons learned: A few anecdotes and takeaways from LSF's journey, highlighting the importance of community and shared vision.
  • Future prospects: A glance at the future of Libre Space Foundation, its projects, and opportunities for the free software community to contribute.


Join us for a talk that highlights the potential of open-source collaboration in the space industry. Together, we can unlock new possibilities in space exploration through the power of free software, open-source hardware and open-data.


Eleftherios Kosmas, Vice Chairman of Libre Space Foundation, brings a unique blend of open-source, a KDE user since 2001, he has contributed to various open-source initiatives and actively participates in Athens' local hackerspace since 2011.

Social Links

https://twitter.com/elkos , https://fosstodon.org/@elkos

Headshot Link https://cloud.libre.space/s/oX79sHHTZ8qCXez

Primary author

Mr Eleftherios Kosmas (Libre Space Foundation)

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