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Presentation: All on board! Are we there yet?

Streamlining the onboarding of new contributors

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The KDE mother ship has been sailing towards the "Streamlined Onboarding" land for almost 2 years now. I often ask myself if this goal will ever be reached. Will it ever be concluded? This talk is an attempt to answer this question. It should be interesting and hopefully inspiring to everyone in the KDE community.

Over the course of this goal, it was not unusual for me to feel in despair as I believed I was personally not doing enough as a coordinator or that our community was under achieving.

But when I sat down to summarize all the work we have done a year after, I was awestruck! We have moved forward as a community so much in terms of onboarding newcomers. Is there still work to be done? Yes! Are we moving towards the right direction? Definitely yes!

Join me to learn more! =)


Day: 2019-09-07
Start time: 11:40
Duration: 00:30
Room: U4-08
Track: KDE Goals



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